vitalized Definition

  • 1give strength and energy to (someone or something); enliven
  • 2to make something more lively or interesting

Using vitalized: Examples

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    The new CEO's leadership has vitalized the company.

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    The fresh coat of paint vitalized the old building.

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    The music festival aims to vitalize the local arts scene.

vitalized Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for vitalized

Antonyms for vitalized

Phrases with vitalized

  • an economy that is growing and thriving


    The government's policies have led to a vitalized economy.

  • a community that is active, engaged, and thriving


    The local park has become a hub for a vitalized community.

  • a renewed sense of energy and enthusiasm


    The team's win has given them a vitalized spirit for the rest of the season.


Summary: vitalized in Brief

To 'vitalize' [ˈvaɪtəlaɪzd] means to give strength and energy to someone or something, or to make something more lively or interesting. Examples include revitalizing a company with new leadership or vitalizing a community with a new park. Synonyms include 'energize' and 'revitalize,' while antonyms include 'weaken' and 'devitalize.' Informal alternatives include 'jazz up' and 'pump up.'