wail Definition

  • 1to make a long, high cry, usually because of pain or sadness
  • 2to complain loudly and bitterly

Using wail: Examples

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  • Example

    The baby wailed all night.

  • Example

    She wailed in agony when she heard the news.

  • Example

    The fans wailed in disappointment when their team lost.

  • Example

    He wailed about the injustice of it all.

wail Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for wail

Phrases with wail

  • wail of sirens

    a loud, high-pitched sound made by emergency vehicle sirens


    The wail of sirens could be heard throughout the city.

  • wail and gnash one's teeth

    to express extreme anger, frustration, or disappointment


    When he found out he didn't get the job, he wailed and gnashed his teeth in frustration.

  • to play music or sing with great energy and enthusiasm


    The band wailed away on their instruments all night long.

Origins of wail

from Old Norse 'væla', meaning 'to lament'


Summary: wail in Brief

The verb 'wail' [weɪl] refers to making a long, high cry due to pain or sadness, or complaining loudly and bitterly. It can be used to describe both human and animal sounds, as well as expressing strong emotions like disappointment or frustration. Phrases like 'wail of sirens' and 'wail and gnash one's teeth' add specificity to the term, while 'wail away' implies playing music with great energy.