walking Definition

the activity of taking a walk for exercise or pleasure.

Using walking: Examples

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    Walking is a great way to stay active and healthy.

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    I love taking a long walk in the park on a sunny day.

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    She goes walking every morning before work.

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    We went walking in the mountains over the weekend.

walking Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with walking

  • a distance that can be covered on foot


    The restaurant is within walking distance from our hotel.

  • a guided tour of a city or other location on foot


    We took a walking tour of the historic district.

  • walking stick

    a stick used to aid walking, especially in hiking or trekking


    He leaned on his walking stick as he made his way up the mountain.


Summary: walking in Brief

The term 'walking' [ˈwɔːkɪŋ] refers to the activity of taking a walk for exercise or pleasure. It is a popular form of physical activity and can be enjoyed in various settings, such as parks, mountains, and cities. Phrases like 'walking distance' and 'walking tour' are commonly used to describe distances and guided tours, respectively.