warren Definition

  • 1a network of interconnecting rabbit burrows
  • 2a crowded or maze-like building or district
  • 3a colony of rabbits

Using warren: Examples

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    The warren was so extensive that it took the hunters hours to find the rabbits.

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    The apartment complex was a warren of tiny units and narrow hallways.

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    The warren of rabbits was a peaceful sight in the meadow.

warren Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for warren

Phrases with warren

  • a metaphorical journey into the unknown, the disorienting, or the mentally deranging, from Lewis Carroll's 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland'


    After taking that pill, I felt like I was falling down the rabbit hole.

  • a place or situation that is confusing, chaotic, or crowded


    The streets of the old town were a rabbit warren of alleys and courtyards.

  • a building or space with many small and interconnected rooms


    The hotel was a warren of rooms, making it difficult to find your way around.

Origins of warren

from Old English 'warenna', meaning 'enclosure for small animals'


Summary: warren in Brief

A 'warren' [ˈwɒrən] is a network of rabbit burrows or a crowded and maze-like building or district. It can also refer to a colony of rabbits. The term is used in phrases like 'down the rabbit hole,' which means a journey into the unknown, and 'rabbit warren,' which describes a confusing or crowded place. 'Warren' can also describe a building with many small and interconnected rooms.

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