weed Definition

  • 1a wild plant growing where it is not wanted and in competition with cultivated plants
  • 2a contemptibly worthless or unimportant person
  • 3to remove unwanted plants from an area

Using weed: Examples

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  • Example

    I need to weed the garden before planting new flowers.

  • Example

    The field was full of weeds.

  • Example

    He's a weed in the company, always causing trouble.

  • Example

    She pulled out the weeds from the flower bed.

weed Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for weed

  • cultivated plant
  • valuable person

Idioms Using weed

  • bad actions have bad consequences


    He learned that the weed of crime bears bitter fruit when he got arrested for stealing.

  • to remove unwanted plants from an area


    We spent the afternoon pulling weeds from the garden.

  • to become overgrown or shabby


    The abandoned house had gone to seed, with weeds growing all around it.

Phrases with weed

  • the act of inhaling smoke from burning marijuana leaves


    He enjoys smoking weed on the weekends.

  • to remove or get rid of something unwanted or unnecessary


    The company needs to weed out the unproductive employees.

  • weed killer

    a substance used to kill unwanted plants


    I sprayed weed killer on the weeds in my yard.

Origins of weed

from Old English 'wēod'


Summary: weed in Brief

The term 'weed' [wiːd] refers to a wild plant growing where it is not wanted, often in competition with cultivated plants. It can also refer to a worthless or unimportant person. The verb form means to remove unwanted plants from an area. 'Weed' extends into phrases like 'smoking weed,' and idioms like 'the weed of crime bears bitter fruit,' which means bad actions have bad consequences.

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