wings Definition

  • 1the two flat, horizontal structures that stick out of the sides of a bird's or an insect's body and are used for flying
  • 2a part of a building that sticks out from its side and is shaped like a wing
  • 3a thing resembling a wing in form or function

Using wings: Examples

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  • Example

    The bird flapped its wings and flew away.

  • Example

    The butterfly has brightly colored wings.

  • Example

    The airplane's wingspan is 35 meters.

  • Example

    The museum's new wing will be dedicated to contemporary art.

wings Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for wings

Phrases with wings

  • spread one's wings

    to start to do something new or different, especially after a period of being too afraid to do so


    After years of working in the same job, she decided it was time to spread her wings and start her own business.

  • to take care of someone and protect them, especially someone who is young or inexperienced


    The older employee took the new intern under his wing and showed him the ropes.

  • on a wing and a prayer

    in a risky or uncertain situation, with only a small chance of success


    The team was down by 10 points with only a minute left in the game, but they managed to score twice and win on a wing and a prayer.


Summary: wings in Brief

The term 'wings' [wɪŋz] refers to the flat, horizontal structures used for flying by birds and insects, as well as to architectural features that resemble wings. It can also denote things that resemble wings in form or function. Phrases like 'spread one's wings' and 'take someone under one's wing' suggest taking risks and providing guidance, while 'on a wing and a prayer' implies a risky or uncertain situation.