wire Definition

  • 1a thin, flexible thread of metal
  • 2a piece of such metal thread that has been bent into a particular shape for a specific purpose
  • 3a message or piece of information sent from one person to another using a telecommunications system

Using wire: Examples

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  • Example

    The fence was reinforced with barbed wire.

  • Example

    He used a wire to fix the broken vase.

  • Example

    I received a wire from my boss about the meeting.

  • Example

    The company is sending a wire transfer to pay for the goods.

wire Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for wire

Phrases with wire

  • a person who is full of energy and enthusiasm


    She's a live wire, always coming up with new ideas.

  • in a state of uncertainty or suspense, especially in a competitive situation


    The game was on the wire until the final seconds.

  • to use one's influence or connections to get something done


    He pulled some wires to get his son the job.


Summary: wire in Brief

The term 'wire' [waɪər] refers to a thin, flexible thread of metal that can be bent into various shapes for specific purposes. It can also refer to a message or piece of information sent through a telecommunications system. Examples include using a wire to fix a broken object or receiving a wire transfer to pay for goods. Phrases like 'live wire' describe a person full of energy, while 'pull wires' means to use one's influence to get something done.

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