worldliness Definition

  • 1the quality or state of being experienced and sophisticated; cosmopolitanism
  • 2the quality or state of being concerned with material things or matters of this world, especially to the exclusion of spiritual or moral values

Using worldliness: Examples

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    His travels around the world gave him a sense of worldliness.

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    The party was full of people who exuded worldliness and sophistication.

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    She was criticized for her excessive worldliness and lack of concern for spiritual matters.

worldliness Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for worldliness

Phrases with worldliness

  • material possessions or wealth


    He inherited a great deal of worldly goods from his father.

  • worldly pleasures

    pleasures that are concerned with material things rather than spiritual or moral values


    She enjoyed the worldly pleasures of fine dining and luxury travel.

  • worldly success

    success in terms of material wealth, social status, or other worldly achievements


    He had achieved great worldly success as a businessman, but felt unfulfilled in his personal life.


Summary: worldliness in Brief

Worldliness [wurld-lee-nis] refers to the quality or state of being experienced and sophisticated, or concerned with material things to the exclusion of spiritual or moral values. It can be exemplified by phrases like 'worldly goods' and 'worldly pleasures.' Worldliness is often associated with cosmopolitanism and materialism, and can be seen as an antonym of spirituality and idealism.