sophistication Definition

  • 1the quality of being sophisticated, cultured, or knowledgeable
  • 2the process of developing or improving something to make it more complex or intricate

Using sophistication: Examples

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    The city has a certain sophistication that attracts many visitors.

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    The sophistication of the technology used in the project was impressive.

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    She spoke with great sophistication about the nuances of the language.

sophistication Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for sophistication

Phrases with sophistication

  • the absence of refinement, culture, or knowledge


    His lack of sophistication was evident in his crude jokes and behavior.

  • the degree to which something is complex, refined, or advanced


    The level of sophistication in this software is unmatched by any other program on the market.

  • the tendency to favor complex or sophisticated solutions over simpler ones, even when the latter are more effective or efficient


    The team's sophistication bias led them to overlook a simple solution that would have solved the problem more quickly.

Origins of sophistication

from Medieval Latin 'sophisticationem', meaning 'a sophistic argument'


Summary: sophistication in Brief

Sophistication [səˌfɪstɪˈkeɪʃən] refers to the quality of being cultured, knowledgeable, or refined, or the process of making something more complex or intricate. Examples include 'The city has a certain sophistication that attracts many visitors,' and 'The sophistication of the technology used in the project was impressive.' Phrases like 'lack of sophistication' and 'level of sophistication' highlight the absence or degree of refinement, while 'sophistication bias' denotes a tendency to favor complex solutions over simpler ones.

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