yesterday Definition

  • 1the day before today
  • 2recent past

Using yesterday: Examples

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    I saw her yesterday.

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    Yesterday was a busy day at work.

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    Yesterday's meeting was productive.

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    Yesterday's news was shocking.

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Idioms Using yesterday

  • yesterday's man

    a person who is no longer influential or important


    He used to be a powerful politician, but now he's just yesterday's man.

  • yesterday's hero

    a person who was once admired or celebrated but is now forgotten or ignored


    The actor was yesterday's hero, but now he can't get any work.

  • yesterday's papers

    something that is no longer of interest or relevance


    The report is already yesterday's papers; nobody cares about it anymore.

Phrases with yesterday

  • the time between late afternoon and night on the day before today


    We had dinner together yesterday evening.

  • the time between dawn and noon on the day before today


    I woke up early yesterday morning to go for a run.

  • yesterday's news

    information that is no longer new or relevant


    The scandal was yesterday's news by the time the newspaper was published.

Origins of yesterday

from Old English 'geostran dæg', meaning 'day of yesterday'


Summary: yesterday in Brief

'Yesterday' [ˈjɛstərdeɪ] refers to the day before today or the recent past. It can be used in various contexts, such as 'Yesterday's news was shocking,' or 'I saw her yesterday.' The phrase 'yesterday's man' refers to someone who is no longer important, while 'yesterday's hero' refers to someone who was once admired but is now forgotten.

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