youngster Definition

a young person, especially a child or teenager.

Using youngster: Examples

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    The park was full of youngsters playing soccer.

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    She's a talented youngster who has a bright future ahead of her.

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    The school is organizing a summer camp for youngsters.

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    The movie is suitable for both adults and youngsters.

youngster Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for youngster

Phrases with youngster

  • a very young child


    The little youngster was playing with his toys.

  • an older person who still has the energy, enthusiasm, and outlook of a young person


    Despite being in her seventies, she is a youngster at heart and loves to dance.

  • the group of people who are younger than the speaker, often used to refer to a specific age range


    The younger generation is more tech-savvy than their parents.


Summary: youngster in Brief

A 'youngster' [ˈjʌŋstər] refers to a young person, typically a child or teenager. It is often used to describe groups of young people, as in 'The park was full of youngsters playing soccer.' The term can also be used in phrases like 'little youngster,' referring to very young children, and 'youngster at heart,' describing an older person with youthful energy.

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