Polite English: How to Speak Respectfully in the US

Polite English: How to Speak Respectfully in the US

Nov 5, 2021
Until Now, I Thought English Was a Casual Language..
There’s Actually a Formal Way to Speak English?!😱
Yes, of course! However, it's not completely like the honorifics used in many other (especially Asian!) languages. For example, in Korea, it's almost mandatory to use honorifics to anyone who's older than you. In English, formal speech is also used to show respect, but in a more comprehensive meaning. A coffee shop in the US got famous for running a rather unusual campaign. Can you guess? If you didn't order politely, you'd have to pay more for your cup of coffee.👀 RedKiwi will teach you how to speak politely, so you don't have to pay more for your drink.😂

🔶 When Asking for a Favor, Whatever You Do, Speak Longer!

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Let's say that you need to borrow 10 grand ($10,000) from a friend. Do you think "Can you borrow me 10,000 dollars (10 grand)?" would be the right expression? You might have learned that using 'Could you...?' is a way to be more polite, but is that enough?🤔 When you need to ask for a big favor, and you'd like to be polite and show respect, try adding an expression asking about their thoughts or opinions. A few examples are, Do you think you could... or I am wondering if you could...! Using formal expressions depending on the context of a favor or your relatonship with the person, will help you speak more confidently using English!✨
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🔶 If Just 'Sorry' Isn't Enough🤔

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Like a habit, we use the words 'Thank you' and 'Sorry'🙏 If you bump into someone while walking, 'Sorry' might seem enough, but when you think you might have caused a big disturbance, saying just 'Sorry' might not feel right. Here are two expressions that you might find very useful in situations like this! Use I am afraid.. and I apologize for.. in front of your sentence! The reason why you're apologizing should follow. For example, when you can't go to an important event, you could say, "I am afraid that I am unable to attend."!
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🔶 What? (I Can't Understand What You're Saying!🤷‍♀️)

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When speaking with a foreigner, or when you're on the phone, you might misunderstand what someone has said. If it's a close friend, you might just simply say 'What?', but we should always be ready for other situations as well! To say that you've misunderstood something a little more politely, you should use 'Pardon me?' or 'Excuse me?'. If you'd like someone to repeat what they've said, saying Would you repeat that? I didn't catch it. would be a perfect solution!👍
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