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Can't I say "up there" instead of "up here"?

Answer from a Native speaker



Great question. The word "here" is used to describe things that are in the immediate space around the speaker, and sometimes by extension, their conversation partner. It can be used to describe a space of any size, ranging from a centimeter to the size of an entire country. The word "there" is the opposite of ‘here’ and is used to describe spaces away from the speaker. It can refer to the space around a conversation partner, or away from both speakers. Just like ‘here’ it can be used to describe an area of any size. Since both Rachel and Joey are in the same space, the hospital and, by his use of "here", the same floor as the woman he is speaking about using here is best. However, if he has said "up there", it would give the idea that the woman was on a different floor to them, because of the word "up". Ex: What are you doing over there? Ex: When did you get here? Ex: Let's go there together. Ex: We came here together.

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