collect Definition

  • 1to bring things together from different places and group them
  • 2to ask people for money, especially for a charity
  • 3to get something from a particular place

Using collect: Examples

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  • Example

    She collects stamps as a hobby.

  • Example

    The teacher collected the homework from the students.

  • Example

    We need to collect data before making a decision.

collect Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with collect

  • to calm down and become organized after feeling confused or upset


    After the accident, it took her a few minutes to collect herself and call for help.

  • collect one's thoughts

    to take time to think before speaking or acting


    He paused for a moment to collect his thoughts before answering the question.

  • a telephone call that is paid for by the person who receives it, rather than the person who makes it


    He made a collect call to his parents to let them know he arrived safely.

Origins of collect

from Latin 'collectus', past participle of 'colligere', meaning 'gather together'


Summary: collect in Brief

To 'collect' [kəˈlekt] means to bring things together from different places, ask for money, or get something from a particular place. It can refer to hobbies like stamp collecting, or tasks like collecting data. Phrases like 'collect oneself' and 'collect one's thoughts' denote calming down and thinking before acting. 'Collect call' refers to a phone call paid for by the receiver.

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