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Is there any other meaning in "bubble" rather than its literal meaning?

Answer from a Native speaker



That's a good question! There is one metaphorical meaning for the noun, which is the one used in the clip, and the word "bubble" can also be used as a verb with a literal and two metaphorical meanings. It can also be used as the adjective "bubbly", which itself has a literal and metaphorical meaning. Bubble (noun) * Literal: a sphere (usually made of a liquid) that is filled with air or another gas Ex: Kids enjoy making bubbles with soapy water. * Metaphorical: a (usually) good situation or mental state that is isolated from reality or temporary in nature Ex: Celebrities live in a bubble and don't know how difficult life is for normal people. Bubble (verb) * Literal: bubbles are being created by an action or process Ex: Water starts to bubble when it gets hot enough. * Metaphorical (positive): to have a strong positive feeling/emotion that is easily visible and hard to hide Ex: Our puppy was bubbling with excitement when we came home. * Metaphorical (neutral): to have a strong, non-expressed feeling/emotion that is growing in intensity to the point where it will soon be expressed. Usually used with a preposition (up, from) Ex: Anger was bubbling up inside him when he heard the bad news. Bubbly (adjective) * Literal: a liquid has bubbles in or on it Ex: I don't like bubbly drinks, they make me feel bloated. * Metaphorical: a person has a positive attitude that is strongly expressed and easy to see Ex: My friend was so bubbly when I gave her a birthday present!

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