determine Definition

  • 1to officially decide something, especially because of evidence or facts
  • 2to discover the facts or truth about something

Using determine: Examples

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    The court will determine the punishment for the crime.

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    The test will determine whether you are eligible for the scholarship.

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    We need to determine the cause of the problem before we can fix it.

determine Synonyms and Antonyms

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Idioms Using determine

  • no matter what happens or what difficulties are faced


    I am determined to finish this project, come hell or high water.

  • dead set against

    strongly opposed to something


    He is dead set against the idea of moving to a new city.

  • in the driver's seat

    in control of a situation


    She took charge of the project and is now in the driver's seat.

Phrases with determine

  • a strong and persistent effort to achieve a goal


    With determined effort, she was able to finish the marathon.

  • determine someone's fate

    to decide what will happen to someone in the future


    The jury will determine the defendant's fate.

  • to decide what the result of something will be


    The final game will determine the outcome of the tournament.

Origins of determine

from Latin 'determinare', meaning 'to limit, fix'


Summary: determine in Brief

To 'determine' [dɪˈtɜːmɪn] is to make an official decision based on evidence or facts, or to discover the truth about something. It can refer to legal decisions, eligibility, or problem-solving, as in 'We need to determine the cause of the problem before we can fix it.' The phrase 'determined effort' denotes a strong and persistent effort towards a goal, while idioms like 'come hell or high water' and 'in the driver's seat' express determination and control.

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