What is the Opposite(Antonym) of “applaud”?

The Opposite(Antonym) of “applaud”

The antonyms of applaud are boo, jeer, and criticize. The antonyms boo, jeer, and criticize convey a negative or disapproving response to someone's actions or performance.

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Definitions and Examples of boo, jeer, criticize

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To express disapproval or contempt by making a loud, harsh sound with the mouth.


The audience started to boo when the singer forgot the lyrics.

To make rude and mocking remarks, often in a loud voice, to show contempt or ridicule.


The opposing team's fans would jeer at the home team's players during the game.

To express disapproval or find fault with something or someone.


The teacher would criticize the students' work if it did not meet the required standards.

Key Differences: boo vs jeer vs criticize

  • 1Boo and jeer are similar in that they both involve making loud, negative sounds to show disapproval, but jeer also involves making rude and mocking remarks.
  • 2Criticize is different from boo and jeer because it involves expressing disapproval or finding fault through words rather than sounds.

Effective Usage of boo, jeer, criticize

  • 1Sports Events: Fans may boo or jeer the opposing team or players.
  • 2Performances: Audience members may boo or jeer a performer who does not meet their expectations.
  • 3Feedback: Use criticize to provide constructive feedback on someone's work or performance.

Remember this!

The antonyms of applaud are boo, jeer, and criticize. Boo and jeer involve making negative sounds to show disapproval, while criticize involves expressing disapproval through words. These words can be used in sports events, performances, or to provide feedback.

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