shoot Definition

  • 1to fire a gun or other weapon
  • 2to photograph or film something
  • 3to grow or produce new parts, such as leaves or branches

Using shoot: Examples

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  • Example

    He shot the target with his rifle.

  • Example

    The photographer shot the model in black and white.

  • Example

    The plant is shooting new leaves.

shoot Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with shoot

  • to speak or act without thinking carefully first


    He tends to shoot from the hip when he's angry.

  • to chat or have a casual conversation


    We were just shooting the breeze about our weekend plans.

  • to do something that causes problems for oneself


    By quitting his job without another lined up, he really shot himself in the foot.


Summary: shoot in Brief

The verb 'shoot' [ʃuːt] has several meanings, including firing a weapon, taking a photograph or film, and growing new parts. It can also be used in idiomatic expressions like 'shoot from the hip,' meaning to act impulsively, and 'shoot the breeze,' meaning to chat casually. 'Shoot' can be formal, as in 'He shot the target with his rifle,' or informal, as in 'The photographer snapped a picture of the sunset.'

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