What is the Opposite(Antonym) of “compliableness”?

The Opposite(Antonym) of “compliableness”

The antonyms of compliableness are defiance and noncompliance. The antonyms defiance and noncompliance convey a lack of willingness to obey or conform to rules, laws, or authority.

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Definitions and Examples of defiance, noncompliance

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Open resistance; bold disobedience.


The student showed defiance by refusing to follow the teacher's instructions.

Failure or refusal to comply with rules, laws, or authority.


The company faced penalties for noncompliance with environmental regulations.

Key Differences: defiance vs noncompliance

  • 1Defiance implies an active and bold resistance to authority or rules.
  • 2Noncompliance is a more passive term that describes a failure or refusal to comply with rules or authority.

Effective Usage of defiance, noncompliance

  • 1Legal Context: Use noncompliance in legal contexts to describe failure to follow laws or regulations.
  • 2Social Dynamics: Use defiance to describe rebellious behavior against authority or social norms.
  • 3Education: Use these antonyms to describe students' behavior towards teachers or school rules.

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The antonyms of compliableness are defiance and noncompliance. Defiance implies active resistance to authority, while noncompliance is a more passive term that describes a failure to comply with rules. These antonyms can be used in legal contexts, social dynamics, and education to describe behavior towards authority or rules.

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