belong Definition

  • 1be the property of
  • 2be a member or part of (a particular group, organization, or class)

Using belong: Examples

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  • Example

    This book belongs to me.

  • Example

    She belongs to the drama club.

  • Example

    He doesn't belong in this group.

  • Example

    The painting belongs in a museum.

belong Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for belong

  • be owned by
  • be in the possession of
  • be a member of
  • be affiliated with
  • be part of

Antonyms for belong

  • disbelong
  • not belong
  • be unaffiliated

Idioms Using belong

  • belong in (something)

    be suitable or appropriate for a particular place or situation


    This antique vase belongs in a museum, not on your bookshelf.

  • be naturally or appropriately associated with each other


    The two paintings belong together as a set.

  • not belong to the faint-hearted

    be difficult, dangerous, or unpleasant and therefore only suitable for people who are strong and brave


    Climbing this mountain does not belong to the faint-hearted.

Phrases with belong

  • be the property of someone


    This car belongs to my father.

  • be a member or part of something


    She belongs to the local choir.

  • the place or situation where someone feels happy and accepted


    I finally found where I belong in this company.

Origins of belong

from be- + longen, meaning 'to be appropriate'


Summary: belong in Brief

'Belong' [bɪˈlɒŋ] means to be the property of someone or to be a member or part of a particular group, organization, or class. It can refer to physical objects like 'This book belongs to me,' or social groups like 'She belongs to the drama club.' The idiom 'belong in (something)' refers to something being suitable or appropriate for a particular place or situation.

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