What is the Opposite(Antonym) of “cramped”?

The Opposite(Antonym) of “cramped”

The antonyms of cramped are spacious and roomy. The antonyms spacious and roomy convey a sense of ample space and comfort. They imply a lack of constraints, crowding, or discomfort.

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Definitions and Examples of spacious, roomy

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Having ample space or room; not limited or cramped.


The living room in the new house was so spacious that they could fit a large sofa and a dining table without feeling crowded.

Having plenty of space or room; not cramped or confined.


The car they rented for the road trip was roomy enough to fit all their luggage and still have legroom.

Key Differences: spacious vs roomy

  • 1Spacious implies a generous amount of space, often with an open layout or design.
  • 2Roomy suggests a comfortable amount of space, without feeling cramped or confined.

Effective Usage of spacious, roomy

  • 1Housing: Use spacious and roomy to describe properties with ample space and comfort.
  • 2Transportation: Use roomy to describe vehicles with comfortable seating and ample legroom.
  • 3Shopping: Use spacious to describe stores or malls with a lot of open space and easy navigation.

Remember this!

The antonyms spacious and roomy convey a sense of ample space and comfort, while cramped implies a lack of space and discomfort. Use these words to describe properties, vehicles, and stores to enhance communication and convey a sense of comfort and ease.

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