What is the Opposite(Antonym) of “diversity”?

The Opposite(Antonym) of “diversity”

The antonyms of diversity are uniformity, sameness, and homogeneity. These words describe a lack of variety or differences in a group or population.

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Definitions and Examples of uniformity, sameness, homogeneity

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The state of being the same or consistent, without variation or diversity.


The company's dress code promotes uniformity by requiring all employees to wear the same outfit.

The quality of being identical or indistinguishable from something else.


The town's architecture lacked sameness as each building had a unique design.

The state of being uniform or similar in composition, nature, or character.


The school's student body lacked homogeneity as it consisted of students from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Key Differences: uniformity vs sameness vs homogeneity

  • 1Uniformity refers to a lack of variation or consistency.
  • 2Sameness refers to a lack of distinction or uniqueness.
  • 3Homogeneity refers to a lack of diversity or variety in composition.

Effective Usage of uniformity, sameness, homogeneity

  • 1Discuss Social Issues: Use these antonyms to talk about social issues related to diversity and inclusion.
  • 2Describe Environments: Incorporate these antonyms to describe environments that lack diversity or variety.
  • 3Compare and Contrast: Utilize these antonyms to compare and contrast different groups or populations.

Remember this!

The antonyms of diversity describe a lack of variety or differences. Uniformity refers to a lack of consistency, sameness refers to a lack of uniqueness, and homogeneity refers to a lack of diversity. Use these words to discuss social issues, describe environments, and compare and contrast different groups or populations.

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