date Definition

  • 1a social or romantic appointment or engagement
  • 2the day of the month or year as specified by a number
  • 3an edible sweet fruit that grows on palm trees and has a single large seed surrounded by sweet flesh

Using date: Examples

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  • Example

    He asked her out on a date.

  • Example

    What's the date today?

  • Example

    I had a date with my dentist this morning.

  • Example

    She ate a date and drank a glass of water.

date Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for date

Idioms Using date

  • no longer fashionable or current


    Her clothes were out of date and she needed a new wardrobe.

  • to bring up to date

    to modernize or update something


    The company is bringing up to date its computer systems.

  • to arrange a social or romantic meeting


    He made a date with her for next Saturday.

Phrases with date

  • a social or romantic meeting between two people who have never met before, arranged by a mutual acquaintance


    She agreed to go on a blind date with her friend's cousin.

  • double date

    a social or romantic outing involving two couples


    We went on a double date with our friends last night.

  • sell-by date

    the date printed on a perishable product after which it should not be sold or used


    Make sure to check the sell-by date before buying any dairy products.

Origins of date

from Old French 'date', derived from Latin 'data', meaning 'given'


Summary: date in Brief

The term 'date' [deɪt] refers to a social or romantic appointment, the day of the month or year, or an edible fruit. It can denote a blind date, double date, or sell-by date, and idioms like 'to be out of date,' 'to bring up to date,' and 'to make a date.' Examples include 'He asked her out on a date,' and 'She ate a date and drank a glass of water.'

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