meeting Definition

  • 1an organized event at which a group of people come together to discuss or decide on issues, plan actions, or hold negotiations
  • 2a gathering of people for a particular purpose, especially for formal discussions

Using meeting: Examples

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  • Example

    We had a meeting with the CEO to discuss the company's future plans.

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    The board of directors held a meeting to decide on the budget allocation.

  • Example

    The teacher called a meeting with the parents to discuss the student's progress.

meeting Synonyms and Antonyms

Idioms Using meeting

  • participating in a meeting


    I'm sorry, I can't talk right now. I'm in the meeting.

  • have a meeting of the minds

    reach an agreement or understanding through discussion


    After several hours of negotiation, we finally had a meeting of the minds.

  • begin a meeting and establish order and rules of procedure


    The chairman called the meeting to order and outlined the agenda.

Phrases with meeting

  • business meeting

    a formal gathering of people to discuss business-related matters


    The company's annual business meeting is scheduled for next week.

  • a public meeting held by a government official or organization to discuss and address issues affecting the community


    The mayor held a town hall meeting to address the concerns of the citizens.

  • a meeting of the board of directors of an organization or company


    The board meeting was held to discuss the financial report and future plans.

Origins of meeting

from Old English 'metan', meaning 'to meet'


Summary: meeting in Brief

A 'meeting' [ˈmiːtɪŋ] is an organized event where people gather to discuss or decide on issues, plan actions, or hold negotiations. It can be formal or informal, such as a business meeting or a town hall meeting. Phrases like 'board meeting' and idioms like 'in the meeting' are commonly used. 'Meeting' is often used in professional settings and is essential for decision-making and communication.

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