conference Definition

  • 1a formal meeting for discussion or debate
  • 2an association of sports teams that play each other regularly

Using conference: Examples

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    The conference will be held in the main hall.

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    The company's annual conference is always well-attended.

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    The team is currently at the top of the conference standings.

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    The coach is confident about their chances in the upcoming conference tournament.

conference Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for conference

Idioms Using conference

  • to organize and conduct a formal meeting for discussion or debate


    The company plans to hold a conference to discuss the new product launch.

  • to have a private conversation or discussion with someone


    The CEO is currently in conference with the board of directors.

  • to attend a formal meeting for discussion or debate


    I'm planning to go to the conference next month to learn about the latest industry trends.

Phrases with conference

  • a meeting held by an organization or public figure to make an announcement or answer questions from the media


    The politician held a press conference to address the recent scandal.

  • parent-teacher conference

    a meeting between parents and teachers to discuss a student's academic progress and behavior


    The school scheduled a parent-teacher conference to discuss the student's performance.

  • a telephone call in which three or more people participate


    We had a conference call with the overseas team to discuss the project.

Origins of conference

from Latin 'conferentia', meaning 'bringing together'


Summary: conference in Brief

A 'conference' [ˈkɑːn.fər.əns] is a formal meeting for discussion or debate, often attended by many people. It can refer to a variety of contexts, such as business, education, or sports, as in 'The team is currently at the top of the conference standings.' Phrases like 'press conference' and 'parent-teacher conference' denote specific types of meetings, while idioms like 'hold a conference' and 'be in conference with someone' describe organizing or participating in discussions.

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