gathering Definition

an assembly or meeting, especially a social one.

Using gathering: Examples

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    We're having a family gathering this weekend.

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    The town hall was the site of a political gathering.

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    The annual gathering of scientists and researchers was held in Boston this year.

gathering Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for gathering

Idioms Using gathering

  • a situation that is becoming more intense or threatening


    The protests were a sign of a gathering storm that would soon erupt into violence.

  • a location where people often meet or congregate


    The local coffee shop is a popular gathering place for students and professionals alike.

  • a reunion or meeting of family members or friends who have not seen each other in a long time


    The wedding was a gathering of the clans, with relatives coming from all over the country to celebrate.

Phrases with gathering

  • gather one's thoughts

    to take time to think about something before speaking or acting


    I need a moment to gather my thoughts before I respond.

  • to remain unused or neglected for a long period of time


    My old guitar has been gathering dust in the closet for years.

  • to increase in speed or velocity


    The train began to gather speed as it left the station.


Summary: gathering in Brief

The term 'gathering' [ˈɡæðərɪŋ] refers to an assembly or meeting, especially a social one. It can be used to describe events like family gatherings, political gatherings, or scientific gatherings. Phrases like 'gather one's thoughts' and 'gather dust' extend its meaning to taking time to think or remaining unused. Idioms like 'a gathering storm' denote a situation becoming more intense, while 'a gathering place' refers to a location where people often meet.

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