discord Definition

  • 1disagreement between people
  • 2lack of harmony between notes sounding together

Using discord: Examples

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  • Example

    The discord between the two groups led to violence.

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    There was a discord in the band's performance.

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    The family was torn apart by discord over inheritance.

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    The discord in the office was affecting productivity.

discord Synonyms and Antonyms

Idioms Using discord

  • not in agreement or harmony with something or someone


    His actions were in discord with his words, causing confusion among his colleagues.

  • strike a discordant note

    to do or say something that is out of place or inappropriate


    Her joke struck a discordant note at the funeral, causing discomfort among the mourners.

  • a phrase used to describe a situation where things that are seemingly incompatible come together in a harmonious way


    Their relationship was like discord and rhyme, with their differences complementing each other perfectly.

Phrases with discord

  • a musical note that clashes with the harmony of the piece


    The pianist hit a discordant note, causing the audience to wince.

  • discord of opinions

    a disagreement or difference of opinion between people


    The discord of opinions between the two candidates was evident during the debate.

  • discord among friends

    a disagreement or conflict between friends


    The discord among friends was caused by a misunderstanding that could have been easily resolved.

Origins of discord

from Latin 'discordia', meaning 'disagreement'


Summary: discord in Brief

The term 'discord' [ˈdɪskɔːd] refers to a lack of agreement or harmony between people or things, as in 'The discord between the two groups led to violence.' It can also refer to a lack of harmony between musical notes, as in 'There was a discord in the band's performance.' Phrases like 'discord of opinions' and idioms like 'in discord with' further illustrate this concept.

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