dispute Definition

  • 1a disagreement or argument between two or more people or groups
  • 2to argue or disagree with someone about something

Using dispute: Examples

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  • Example

    The two countries are in a dispute over the border.

  • Example

    They disputed the ownership of the land.

  • Example

    The company is involved in a legal dispute with its former employees.

dispute Synonyms and Antonyms

Idioms Using dispute

  • to have no argument or disagreement with someone


    I have no dispute with you, I just think we have different opinions on the matter.

  • able to be argued or contested


    The accuracy of the report is open to dispute.

  • to resolve a disagreement or argument


    The mediator helped settle the dispute between the two parties.

Phrases with dispute

  • the process of resolving disputes between parties


    The company has a dispute resolution policy in place to handle conflicts between employees.

  • beyond dispute

    undeniably true or certain


    It is beyond dispute that smoking is harmful to your health.

  • being argued or contested


    The ownership of the property is still in dispute.

Origins of dispute

from Latin 'disputare', meaning 'to weigh, to discuss'


Summary: dispute in Brief

The term 'dispute' [dɪˈspjuːt] refers to a disagreement or argument between two or more parties. It can be used as both a verb and a noun, as in 'They disputed the ownership of the land.' 'Dispute' extends into phrases like 'dispute resolution,' and idioms like 'have no dispute with someone,' denoting a lack of argument. It also includes 'settle a dispute,' implying resolution, and 'open to dispute,' suggesting the possibility of argument.

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