controversy Definition

  • 1a prolonged public disagreement or heated discussion
  • 2debate or argument over a matter that is disputed

Using controversy: Examples

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    The controversy surrounding the new law has been ongoing for months.

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    The book's publication caused a great deal of controversy.

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    There is a lot of controversy over the use of genetically modified crops.

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    The decision to close the school has sparked controversy among parents.

controversy Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with controversy

  • to say or do something that is likely to cause disagreement or criticism


    The artist's latest work is sure to court controversy.

  • to cause or create controversy


    The politician's comments stirred up controversy among voters.

  • to be the main subject of a disagreement or argument


    The company was at the center of controversy over its treatment of workers.

Origins of controversy

from Latin 'controversia', meaning 'dispute'


Summary: controversy in Brief

The term 'controversy' [ˈkɑːntrəvɜːrsi] refers to a prolonged public disagreement or heated discussion, often over a disputed matter. It can range from debates over laws and policies to arguments over artistic expression. Phrases like 'court controversy' and 'stir up controversy' describe actions that are likely to cause disagreement or criticism.

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