center Definition

  • 1a point or place that is equally distant from all sides or ends
  • 2a person or thing that is the focus of attention or activity

Using center: Examples

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    The center of the room was occupied by a large table.

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    The city center is always busy with people and traffic.

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    The company's new CEO will be the center of attention at the upcoming conference.

center Synonyms and Antonyms

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Idioms Using center

  • hit the bull's-eye (center)

    to achieve a goal or target perfectly


    Her presentation hit the bull's-eye and impressed the entire audience.

  • off-center

    not exactly in the middle or not balanced


    The painting was hung off-center and looked awkward.

  • the main focus of attention or activity


    The new product was brought to center stage during the company's annual conference.

Phrases with center

  • the point within an object where its weight is evenly balanced in all directions


    The center of gravity of a sphere is at its center.

  • a person or thing that is the focus of everyone's interest or notice


    The bride was the center of attention at the wedding.

  • a centralized office used for receiving or transmitting a large volume of requests by telephone


    The company's call center operates 24 hours a day.

Origins of center

from Latin 'centrum', meaning 'point in the middle'


Summary: center in Brief

The term 'center' [ˈsɛntər] refers to a point or place that is equidistant from all sides, or a person or thing that is the focus of attention. It can refer to physical spaces like the center of a room or city, or abstract concepts like the center of attention. Phrases like 'center of gravity' and 'call center' extend its usage, while idioms like 'hit the bull's-eye' and 'center stage' add figurative meanings.

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