middle Definition

  • 1the central point, position, or part
  • 2an intermediate part or section
  • 3a person's waist and stomach area

Using middle: Examples

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    The book fell open at the middle.

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    She stood in the middle of the room.

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    He was sitting in the middle row of the theater.

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    The middle child often feels neglected.

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Idioms Using middle

  • in a remote or isolated location


    Their car broke down in the middle of nowhere, and they had to walk for miles to find help.

  • middle of the road

    not extreme or radical; moderate


    His political views are middle of the road; he doesn't lean too far to the left or the right.

  • the period of life between youth and old age, usually considered to be from about 45 to 65 years old


    He started to feel the effects of middle age when he turned 50.

Phrases with middle

  • at a point that is surrounded by something else


    I was in the middle of a meeting when my phone rang.

  • a position or solution that is acceptable to all involved parties


    We need to find a middle ground between what you want and what I want.

  • the third finger of the hand, especially when held up with the other fingers bent down, used as an obscene gesture


    He gave me the middle finger when I honked my horn at him.

Origins of middle

from Old English 'midle', meaning 'equally distant from the ends'


Summary: middle in Brief

The term 'middle' [ˈmɪdl] refers to the central point or intermediate section of something. It can denote a physical location, such as 'She stood in the middle of the room,' or a more abstract concept, like 'middle ground,' which refers to a compromise. The phrase 'in the middle of something' means being surrounded by something else, while 'middle finger' is an obscene gesture. 'Middle age' is the period of life between youth and old age.

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