What is the Opposite(Antonym) of “insusceptible”?

The Opposite(Antonym) of “insusceptible”

The antonyms of insusceptible are susceptible, vulnerable, and exposed. These words convey the opposite meaning of insusceptible, which means not susceptible or immune to something.

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Definitions and Examples of susceptible, vulnerable, exposed

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Likely to be influenced or affected by something; vulnerable.


Children are more susceptible to colds and flu than adults.

Open to attack, harm, or damage; easily hurt or injured.


The elderly are vulnerable to scams and fraud.

Not protected or shielded from danger or harm.


Without proper gear, workers are exposed to hazardous chemicals and fumes.

Key Differences: susceptible vs vulnerable vs exposed

  • 1Susceptible implies a likelihood of being affected by something.
  • 2Vulnerable implies a state of being open to attack or harm.
  • 3Exposed implies a lack of protection or shielding from danger or harm.

Effective Usage of susceptible, vulnerable, exposed

  • 1Healthcare: Use susceptible to describe patients who are at risk of contracting a disease.
  • 2Security: Use vulnerable to describe areas that are prone to attacks or breaches.
  • 3Safety: Use exposed to describe individuals who are not protected from hazards or dangers.

Remember this!

The antonyms of insusceptible are susceptible, vulnerable, and exposed. These words convey different nuances of being at risk or unprotected. Use these words in healthcare, security, and safety contexts to describe patients, areas, and individuals who are at risk of harm or danger.

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