foreign Definition

  • 1belonging to or coming from another place or country
  • 2strange and unfamiliar

Using foreign: Examples

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    She speaks five foreign languages.

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    The company has a lot of foreign investors.

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    I find foreign cultures fascinating.

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    Foreign aid is essential for many developing countries.

foreign Synonyms and Antonyms

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Idioms Using foreign

  • something that is difficult to understand or unfamiliar


    For many people, math is like a foreign language.

  • an idea or notion that is unfamiliar or strange


    The idea of working from home was a foreign concept to him.

  • a foreign country

    a place that is unfamiliar or unknown


    For many people, traveling to a foreign country is an exciting adventure.

Phrases with foreign

  • the trading of currencies between countries


    The foreign exchange market is the largest financial market in the world.

  • a government's strategy in dealing with other nations


    The president's foreign policy has been criticized by some as being too aggressive.

  • a journalist who reports news from a foreign country


    The newspaper sent its foreign correspondent to cover the war in Syria.

Origins of foreign

from Old French 'forain', meaning 'external'


Summary: foreign in Brief

The term 'foreign' [ˈfɒrən] refers to something that belongs to or comes from another place or country, or something that is strange and unfamiliar. It can be used to describe languages, cultures, policies, and investments, as in 'She speaks five foreign languages.' 'Foreign' also appears in idioms like 'a foreign language,' denoting something difficult to understand, and 'a foreign country,' indicating an unfamiliar place.

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