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What is the opposite of “lashless”?


Notes from a Native English Speaker

Antonym: An antonym is a word opposite in meaning to another word. By familiarizing yourself with the opposite meaning of words, you can add more variety to your descriptions and better understand written texts. Plus, knowing antonyms can help you communicate accurately and emphasize contrasting points in discussions and when expressing your opinions. So, get to know opposites and improve your English skills today!

What is the antonym of “lashless”?

The antonyms of lashless are with lashes and with eyelashes. These antonyms describe the presence of eyelashes, which are small hairs that grow on the edge of the eyelid.

Brief Definitions of the Antonym(s)

Learn when and how to use these words with these examples!

Having eyelashes; possessing small hairs that grow on the edge of the eyelid.


Her eyes looked beautiful with long, thick lashes.

Having small hairs that grow on the edge of the eyelid; possessing eyelashes.


She applied mascara to make her eyelashes look longer and fuller.

How are these antonyms different from each other?

  • 1With lashes and with eyelashes are synonyms that describe the presence of eyelashes.
  • 2The word lashless describes the absence of eyelashes.

Good things to know

  • 1Beauty and Fashion: Use these antonyms to describe eye makeup and beauty products.
  • 2Biology and Anatomy: Incorporate these antonyms in discussions about the human eye and its anatomy.
  • 3Animal Characteristics: Use these antonyms to describe the physical features of animals, such as cats and dogs, that have eyelashes.

Remember this!

The antonyms with lashes and with eyelashes describe the presence of eyelashes, while lashless describes their absence. These words can be used in discussions about beauty and fashion, biology and anatomy, and animal characteristics.

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