command Definition

  • 1an authoritative order or instruction
  • 2the authority to give orders and enforce obedience
  • 3control over a situation or group of people

Using command: Examples

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  • Example

    The general issued a command to his troops.

  • Example

    She has a good command of the English language.

  • Example

    He took command of the situation and prevented a disaster.

  • Example

    The computer responds to voice commands.

command Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for command

Idioms Using command

  • at someone's command

    ready and willing to do what someone asks


    The loyal servant was always at his master's command.

  • beyond someone's command

    impossible for someone to control or manage


    The sudden storm was beyond the captain's command.

  • to have a thorough understanding or mastery of something


    She has a great command of the piano, playing with ease and precision.

Phrases with command

  • in control of a situation or group of people


    The captain is in command of the ship.

  • under the control or authority of someone


    All soldiers are under the command of their superior officers.

  • to assume control or authority over something


    The new manager will take command of the department next month.

Origins of command

from Old French 'comander', from Latin 'commendare', meaning 'to commit to someone's care'


Summary: command in Brief

The term 'command' [kəˈmænd] refers to an authoritative order or instruction, the authority to give orders and enforce obedience, or control over a situation or group of people. It can be used in contexts ranging from military to technology, as in 'The computer responds to voice commands.' Phrases like 'in command' and idioms like 'at someone's command' denote control or willingness to obey, while 'have a command of something' implies mastery or expertise.

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