decree Definition

  • 1an official order that has the force of law
  • 2a decision or judgment made by a court of law
  • 3to officially decide or order something

Using decree: Examples

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  • Example

    The president issued a decree banning all imports from that country.

  • Example

    The judge issued a decree ordering the company to pay damages.

  • Example

    The new law decrees that all children must attend school until the age of 16.

decree Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for decree

Idioms Using decree

  • by official order or command


    The new tax law was implemented by decree of the president.

  • an order or decision that comes from someone in a position of authority


    The CEO's decree from on high was that all employees must work overtime this week.

  • an unavoidable or predetermined outcome


    The accident was a decree of fate that could not have been prevented.

Phrases with decree

  • a final decree in a divorce case that dissolves the marriage and allows both parties to remarry


    After the decree absolute was granted, she was free to marry again.

  • a provisional decree in a divorce case that does not dissolve the marriage but allows the parties to live separately


    The court granted a decree nisi, and the couple began living apart.

  • a decree issued by a court declaring a marriage to be invalid or void


    The church granted a decree of nullity, and the marriage was declared void.

Origins of decree

from Latin 'decretum', meaning 'something decided'


Summary: decree in Brief

The term 'decree' [dɪˈkriː] refers to an official order or decision with the force of law, often issued by a court or government. It can also mean to officially decide or order something. Examples include 'The president issued a decree banning all imports from that country.' and 'The judge issued a decree ordering the company to pay damages.' Phrases like 'decree absolute' and 'by decree' add further nuance.