revoke Definition

  • 1put an end to the validity or operation of (a decree, decision, or promise)
  • 2officially cancel (a licence, agreement, etc.)

Using revoke: Examples

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  • Example

    The government revoked his visa.

  • Example

    The company revoked their job offer.

  • Example

    The judge revoked his parole.

  • Example

    The university revoked his degree for plagiarism.

revoke Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for revoke

Phrases with revoke

  • withdraw or cancel an invitation that has been extended to someone


    I had to revoke my invitation to the party because I got sick.

  • invalidate or cancel a previously made will


    He decided to revoke his will and make a new one.

  • cancel or withdraw the authority given to someone to act on your behalf in legal matters


    She revoked her power of attorney after discovering that her lawyer was not acting in her best interest.

Origins of revoke

from Old French 'revocare', from Latin 'revocare', from 're-' (back) + 'vocare' (to call)


Summary: revoke in Brief

To 'revoke' [rɪˈvəʊk] means to put an end to the validity or operation of something, such as a decree, decision, or promise. It can also refer to the official cancellation of a license or agreement. Examples include 'The government revoked his visa' and 'The company revoked their job offer.' Phrases like 'revoke an invitation' and 'revoke a power of attorney' denote withdrawing or canceling invitations or legal authority.