What is the Opposite(Antonym) of “nonbreakable”?

The Opposite(Antonym) of “nonbreakable”

The antonyms of nonbreakable are fragile, breakable, and delicate. These words describe objects that can easily break or be damaged.

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Definitions and Examples of fragile, breakable, delicate

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Easily broken or damaged; delicate.


The vase was so fragile that it broke when it fell off the table.

Capable of being broken or damaged.


The package had a label that said 'Handle with care' because the contents were breakable.

Easily broken or damaged; requiring careful handling.


The antique clock was delicate and needed to be handled with extreme care.

Key Differences: fragile vs breakable vs delicate

  • 1Fragile implies extreme delicacy and is often used to describe objects that are easily damaged.
  • 2Breakable is a more general term that describes objects that can be broken or damaged.
  • 3Delicate describes objects that require careful handling due to their fragility.

Effective Usage of fragile, breakable, delicate

  • 1Packaging: Use these antonyms to label packages containing fragile items.
  • 2Product Design: Incorporate these antonyms in product design to indicate the durability of an object.
  • 3Instructions: Use these antonyms in instructions to indicate how an object should be handled.

Remember this!

The antonyms of nonbreakable describe objects that can easily break or be damaged. Fragile implies extreme delicacy, breakable is a general term, and delicate describes objects that require careful handling. Use these antonyms in packaging, product design, and instructions to indicate the durability of an object and how it should be handled.

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