delicate Definition

  • 1easily broken or damaged
  • 2needing to be dealt with carefully or sensitively
  • 3needing careful treatment in order to be successful or accurate

Using delicate: Examples

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    Be careful with that vase, it's very delicate.

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    The situation is delicate and requires a diplomatic approach.

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    The recipe is delicate and requires precise measurements.

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    She has a delicate constitution and can't eat spicy food.

delicate Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with delicate

  • a situation where different elements are in a state of equilibrium and require careful management to maintain


    The ecosystem of the rainforest is a delicate balance that can be easily disrupted by human activity.

  • a sensitive or difficult issue that requires careful handling


    The company's financial troubles are a delicate matter that the CEO is trying to address.

  • a skillful and gentle approach to a task or situation


    The surgeon had a delicate touch and was able to perform the procedure without causing any complications.

Origins of delicate

from Latin 'delicatus', meaning 'giving pleasure, delightful'


Summary: delicate in Brief

The term 'delicate' [ˈdɛlɪkət] refers to something that is easily broken or damaged, requiring careful or sensitive treatment. It can also refer to something that requires precision or accuracy, such as a recipe or measurement. Examples include 'Be careful with that vase, it's very delicate,' and 'The situation is delicate and requires a diplomatic approach.' Phrases like 'delicate balance' and 'delicate matter' denote situations that require careful management or handling.

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