various Definition

different from each other; of different kinds or sorts.

Using various: Examples

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  • Example

    The store sells various types of fruits and vegetables.

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    She has lived in various countries around the world.

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    The project requires various skills and expertise.

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    He has various reasons for not attending the meeting.

various Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for various

Phrases with various

  • using different methods or approaches


    The problem can be solved in various ways, depending on the circumstances.

  • a phrase used to refer to a wide variety of things or people


    The store sells various and sundry items, from clothing to electronics.

  • various shades of

    refers to different variations or degrees of something


    The book explores various shades of human emotions, from love to hate.

Origins of various

from Latin 'varius', meaning 'spotted, variegated'


Summary: various in Brief

The term 'various' [ˈveəriəs] refers to things that are different from each other, of different kinds or sorts. It is often used to describe a wide range of things, exemplified by 'The store sells various types of fruits and vegetables.' 'Various' extends into phrases like 'in various ways,' and 'various shades of,' denoting different methods or degrees of something.

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