What is the Opposite(Antonym) of “nondeafening”?

The Opposite(Antonym) of “nondeafening”

The antonyms of nondeafening are deafening, earsplitting, and thunderous. These words describe sounds that are very loud and can cause discomfort or pain to the ears.

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Definitions and Examples of deafening, earsplitting, thunderous

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Extremely loud; capable of causing temporary or permanent hearing loss.


The fireworks were so deafening that we had to cover our ears.

Piercingly loud; capable of splitting or damaging the eardrums.


The singer's high-pitched notes were earsplitting and made some people wince.

Resembling or producing the sound of thunder; very loud and powerful.


The applause was thunderous and lasted for several minutes.

Key Differences: deafening vs earsplitting vs thunderous

  • 1Deafening implies a sound that is so loud that it can cause temporary or permanent hearing loss.
  • 2Earsplitting describes a sound that is piercingly loud and can cause discomfort or pain in the ears.
  • 3Thunderous describes a sound that is very loud and powerful, resembling the sound of thunder.

Effective Usage of deafening, earsplitting, thunderous

  • 1Describing Sounds: Use these antonyms to describe loud sounds in various contexts such as music, fireworks, or applause.
  • 2Expressing Discomfort: Use these antonyms to express discomfort or pain caused by loud sounds.
  • 3Creating Atmosphere: Use these antonyms to create an atmosphere of tension, excitement, or drama in writing or storytelling.

Remember this!

The antonyms have distinct nuances: Deafening describes a sound that can cause hearing loss, earsplitting describes a sound that is piercingly loud, and thunderous describes a sound that is very loud and powerful. Use these words to describe sounds, express discomfort, or create atmosphere in writing or storytelling.

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