What is the Opposite(Antonym) of “nonlubricating”?

The Opposite(Antonym) of “nonlubricating”

The antonyms of nonlubricating are lubricating and lubricative. These words describe substances or materials that either facilitate or hinder the movement of other objects.

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Definitions and Examples of lubricating, lubricative

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Reducing friction between two surfaces by applying a lubricant.


The mechanic added some oil to the engine to make it more lubricating.

Having the ability to reduce friction between two surfaces.


The new coating on the metal surface made it more lubricative and easier to slide.

Key Differences: lubricating vs lubricative

  • 1Lubricating is a term used to describe something that reduces friction by applying a lubricant, while lubricative describes something that has the ability to reduce friction.
  • 2Lubricating is a complementary antonym, meaning it is the opposite of nonlubricating, while lubricative is a gradable antonym, meaning it describes a degree of lubrication.

Effective Usage of lubricating, lubricative

  • 1Engineering: Use these antonyms to describe the properties of materials in engineering contexts.
  • 2Manufacturing: Incorporate these antonyms when discussing the production of machinery or equipment.
  • 3Science: Utilize these antonyms when describing the properties of liquids, solids, or gases in scientific contexts.

Remember this!

The antonyms lubricating and lubricative describe substances or materials that reduce friction between two surfaces. Lubricating is a complementary antonym, while lubricative is a gradable antonym. Use these words in engineering, manufacturing, or scientific contexts to describe the properties of materials and substances.

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