heel Definition

  • 1the back part of the human foot below the ankle
  • 2a contemptible or dishonorable person

Using heel: Examples

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  • Example

    She broke her heel while running.

  • Example

    He is a heel who always lies and cheats.

  • Example

    The heel of his shoe was worn down.

heel Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for heel

  • back of the foot
  • rear of the foot
  • sole

Phrases with heel

  • at someone's heels

    following closely behind someone


    The police were at the thief's heels as he ran through the streets.

  • cool one's heels

    to wait for a period of time, often in an uncomfortable situation


    I had to cool my heels in the waiting room for two hours before I could see the doctor.

  • dig in one's heels

    to refuse to change one's mind or position about something


    The company dug in its heels and refused to negotiate with the workers' union.


Summary: heel in Brief

The term 'heel' [hiːl] refers to the back part of the human foot below the ankle. It can also be used to describe a contemptible or dishonorable person, as in 'He is a heel who always lies and cheats.' Phrases like 'at someone's heels' and 'cool one's heels' extend the meaning of 'heel' to denote following closely behind someone and waiting for a period of time, respectively.

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