What is the Opposite(Antonym) of “unrepleviable”?

The Opposite(Antonym) of “unrepleviable”

The antonyms of unrepleviable are recoverable and retrievable. These words convey the opposite meaning of unrepleviable, which means something that cannot be recovered or returned.

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Definitions and Examples of recoverable, retrievable

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Capable of being regained, restored, or retrieved.


The lost wallet was found by a kind stranger and returned to its owner, making it recoverable.

Able to be retrieved or obtained again.


The deleted file was still retrievable from the computer's recycle bin.

Key Differences: recoverable vs retrievable

  • 1Recoverable implies that something can be regained or restored after being lost or damaged.
  • 2Retrievable suggests that something can be obtained again, usually through a process of searching or retrieving.

Effective Usage of recoverable, retrievable

  • 1Legal Terminology: Use unrepleviable in legal contexts to describe property that cannot be recovered.
  • 2Insurance Claims: Use recoverable and retrievable to describe items that can be claimed or reimbursed.
  • 3Technology: Use retrievable to describe data that can be accessed or retrieved from electronic devices.

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The antonyms of unrepleviable are recoverable and retrievable. Use recoverable to describe something that can be regained or restored, and retrievable to describe something that can be obtained again. These words are useful in legal, insurance, and technology contexts.

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