wife Definition

  • 1a married woman considered in relation to her spouse
  • 2a female partner in a marriage

Using wife: Examples

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    My wife and I have been married for 10 years.

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    He introduced me to his wife at the party.

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    She is a devoted wife and mother.

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    The husband and wife worked together on the project.

wife Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for wife

Idioms Using wife

  • to marry someone


    He took her as his wife in a private ceremony.

  • have a wife and kids

    to be married and have children


    He's a family man, he has a wife and kids to take care of.

  • the ball and chain (wife)

    humorous reference to a man's wife, often implying that she is a burden or hindrance to him


    I can't go out tonight, I'm stuck with the ball and chain (wife).

Phrases with wife

  • a young, attractive, and wealthy woman who is married to an older man for his money and social status


    He divorced his first wife and married a trophy wife.

  • ex-wife

    a woman to whom someone was formerly married


    His ex-wife got the house in the divorce settlement.

  • common-law wife

    a woman who lives with a man as if she were his wife but without being legally married


    They've been living together for years, but she's still referred to as his common-law wife.

Origins of wife

from Old English 'wif', meaning 'woman'


Summary: wife in Brief

A 'wife' [waɪf] is a married woman considered in relation to her spouse or a female partner in a marriage. It is often used to describe a devoted partner, exemplified by 'She is a devoted wife and mother.' The term extends into phrases like 'trophy wife,' and idioms like 'the ball and chain (wife),' which humorously reference a man's wife as a burden.

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