Phrasal verbs "boss about" vs "mope about"

Differences between boss about and mope about

Boss about means to give orders or commands in a bossy or domineering manner, while mope about means to move around slowly and unhappily, often because of feeling sad or bored.

Meanings and Definitions: boss about vs mope about

Learn how to use these expressions through these examples

Boss about

  • 1Use excessive authority to control people.

    She BOSSES everyone ABOUT.

Mope about

  • 1Move around being miserable.

    She didn't get the job and has been MOPING ABOUT all afternoon.

Usage Examples: boss about, mope about in Sentences

Learn how to use these expressions through these examples

boss about


He always tries to boss people about at work.


She bosses everyone about in the office.

mope about


He didn't pass the exam, so he's been moping about all day.


She mopes about whenever she feels lonely.

Similar Expressions(Synonyms) of Boss about

To give orders or commands in a bossy or domineering manner.


He always tries to order me around and tell me what to do, but I won't stand for it anymore.

To give orders or instructions in a forceful or authoritarian way.


She likes to dictate to everyone and make all the decisions, but it's not fair or respectful.

call the shots

To be in charge or have the power to make decisions and give orders.


He thinks he can call the shots and control everything, but he needs to learn to collaborate and listen to others.

Similar Expressions(Synonyms) of Mope about

To remain in a state of sadness or depression without taking action to improve one's mood or situation.


She tends to languish in sadness and isolate herself when she's feeling down, but I try to encourage her to seek help and support.

To dwell on or obsess over negative thoughts or feelings, often leading to a depressed or anxious state.


He tends to brood over his mistakes and failures, which only makes him feel worse and less motivated to try again.

To move around slowly and unhappily, often because of feeling angry, disappointed, or ignored.


She tends to sulk around and give everyone the silent treatment when she doesn't get her way, which only creates more tension and conflict.

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Differences in boss about vs mope about: Usage, Formality, and Tone

Frequency in Daily Use: boss about or mope about?

In daily conversation, people use boss about more often than mope about. This is because boss about is used for situations where someone is giving orders or being bossy, which can happen frequently in work or personal relationships. Mope about is not used as much and is more specific to situations where someone is feeling down or bored. So, while both phrases are used, boss about is more common in everyday conversation.

Informal vs Formal: Contextual Use of boss about and mope about

Boss about and mope about are informal phrases often used in casual conversations. They are suitable for everyday interactions with friends and family. In more formal settings like business or academic contexts, using alternative expressions can convey a more polished tone.

Tone and Implication: The Nuances of boss about and mope about

The tone of boss about and mope about can differ based on context. Boss about often carries a negative or critical tone when related to someone giving orders or being bossy, while mope about typically has a sad or bored tone, especially when referring to someone's mood or behavior.

boss about & mope about: Synonyms and Antonyms

Boss about


Mope about


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