declare Definition

  • 1to say something officially or publicly
  • 2to announce something clearly, firmly, or formally

Using declare: Examples

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  • Example

    The president declared a state of emergency.

  • Example

    She declared her intention to run for office.

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    He declared his love for her.

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    The company declared bankruptcy.

declare Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for declare

Idioms Using declare

  • to allow unrestricted hunting or fishing in a particular area or for a particular species


    The government declared open season on deer in an effort to control their population.

  • to announce a temporary cessation of hostilities or conflict


    The two sides declared a truce and began negotiations to end the war.

  • declare one's hand

    to reveal one's intentions or plans


    The negotiator refused to declare his hand until he had more information about the other side's position.

Phrases with declare

  • to officially announce that a country is at war with another country


    The country declared war on its neighbor after months of tension.

  • to claim or announce that one has won a battle, competition, or argument


    The coach declared victory after the team's impressive performance.

  • to reveal or make known one's true identity, beliefs, or intentions


    After years of hiding his true feelings, he finally declared himself to be gay.

Origins of declare

from Latin 'declarare', meaning 'to make clear'


Summary: declare in Brief

To 'declare' [dɪˈkleə(r)] is to make an official or public statement, often with clarity and firmness. It can refer to announcing intentions, emotions, or official actions, as in 'The president declared a state of emergency.' 'Declare' also extends into phrases like 'declare war,' and idioms like 'declare a truce,' denoting official actions and negotiations.

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