victory Definition

  • 1an act of defeating an enemy or opponent in a battle, game, or other competition
  • 2a success or triumph over an obstacle, challenge, or difficulty

Using victory: Examples

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    The team celebrated their victory over their rivals.

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    Her hard work and dedication led to a personal victory.

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    The general led his troops to a decisive victory in the battle.

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    The election results were a clear victory for the incumbent party.

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Idioms Using victory

  • a victory that comes at such a great cost that it is effectively a defeat


    The battle was won, but the army suffered such heavy losses that it was a pyrrhic victory.

  • to lose or fail in a situation where success seemed almost certain


    The team was on the verge of winning the championship, but they snatched defeat from the jaws of victory by making a critical mistake in the final moments of the game.

  • a celebratory circuit around a track or field made by a winning athlete or team


    After winning the race, the runner took a victory lap around the track, waving to the cheering crowd.

Phrases with victory

  • to win or succeed in a situation where failure seemed almost certain


    With only seconds left in the game, the team managed to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

  • to claim success or triumph prematurely, before it is actually achieved


    The candidate declared victory before all the votes had been counted, leading to controversy and confusion.

  • a victory that is achieved despite not winning the actual competition, often due to having performed better than expected or having overcome significant obstacles


    Although they lost the game, the underdog team felt like they had achieved a moral victory by playing their best and pushing the favored team to their limits.

Origins of victory

from Latin 'victoria', meaning 'conquest'


Summary: victory in Brief

The term 'victory' [ˈvɪktəri] refers to winning or succeeding in a competition or overcoming an obstacle. It can be a personal or collective achievement, as in 'Her hard work and dedication led to a personal victory.' 'Victory' extends into phrases like 'snatch victory from the jaws of defeat,' and idioms like 'pyrrhic victory,' denoting a costly win, and 'victory lap,' implying a celebratory circuit.

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