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Can I say "funny" instead of "fun" here? Isn't it almost same?


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They are related words but don't mean the same thing. They also function differently, as one is a noun and one is an adjective. "Fun" is an uncountable noun meaning "pleasure," "entertainment," or "amusement." For example, going to an interesting place or doing an interesting activity is "fun." Ex: Going to the amusement park is very fun. Ex: These rides are very fun. Meanwhile, "funny" is an adjective meaning "amusing," "humorous," or "entertaining." You usually use it to describe people, things, or situations, not places. Ex: Alex is a funny person. Ex: I watched a funny show on tv. Thus, "fun" cannot be replaced by "funny" here. You might want to use "fun" or "funny" to describe a person. How do you pick the right word to use? Well, "he's fun" can be used to describe someone who is interesting or enjoyable to be around. "He's funny" can be used to describe someone who is humorous. Ex: My friend Julia is the funniest person I know. She's always joking around. Ex: Max is always happy, so he's fun to be around.

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