juice Definition

  • 1the liquid that comes from fruit or vegetables
  • 2a drink made from this liquid
  • 3power, influence, or vitality

Using juice: Examples

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  • Example

    I love to drink orange juice in the morning.

  • Example

    She squeezed some lemon juice into the salad dressing.

  • Example

    The company needs to inject some new juice into its marketing strategy.

  • Example

    He lost his juice after working long hours.

juice Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for juice

Idioms Using juice

  • no power or influence


    Without the support of the board, he had no juice to push through his proposal.

  • to get the maximum benefit or advantage from something


    He squeezed the juice out of his investment by selling at the right time.

  • to give someone a boost of energy or motivation


    Her coach gave her the juice she needed to win the race.

Phrases with juice

  • juice up

    to add energy or excitement to something


    We need to juice up this party with some music and dancing.

  • a place where people can buy freshly squeezed juices and smoothies


    Let's go to the juice bar and get a healthy drink.

  • a diet consisting of only fruit and vegetable juices for a period of time, usually to detoxify the body


    She went on a three-day juice cleanse to reset her digestive system.

Origins of juice

from Old French 'jus', meaning 'liquid'


Summary: juice in Brief

The term 'juice' [dʒuːs] refers to the liquid extracted from fruits or vegetables, which can be consumed as a drink or used in cooking. It also denotes power, influence, or vitality, as in 'The company needs to inject some new juice into its marketing strategy.' The phrase 'juice up' means to add energy or excitement to something, while 'no juice' implies a lack of power or influence.

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